Air transportation provides critical capabilities for a modern economy. Whether it involves passengers or cargo, the ability to quickly and reliably move valuable resources over great distances improves the quality of life and standard of living of people across the globe.

    With the strength of convenient location, connect with Long Thanh and Tan Son Nhat international airport, CAMIL Off- Airport cargo terminal system is an outstanding model to minimize waiting time at the airport, and fasten international shipment flow.

    CAMIL’s aviation cargo operations center includes a separated warehouse with full functions: security screening, weighing, customs declaration or customs clearance, loading/ unloading ULD…. which is similar to the procedures at the airport.

    The center consists of 116,200m2 of the warehouse including 3000m2 cold storage for agricultural – aquatic – seafood products and pharmaceutical products, vaccines…

    Moreover, the center also has a storage yard for vehicles and cargoes with a total area of 18,000 m2, fully equipped with modern and standard equipment and facilities, such as cargo scanners, forklifts, lifting platforms, and a surveillance camera system…